The Spooltek Pro Series is extremely versatile and can be fished using a wide variety of techniques. Both the Fatty and Stretch were designed to perform well at different speeds and depths.

  • Slow Rolling – A steady “low and slow” retrieve.
  • Jigging – Snapping the lure up off the bottom, allowing it to free fall back. Slack is retrieved and technique is repeated. Strikes occur on the fall.
  • Slashing – Ripping the lure with a sweep of the rod causing an erratic action.
  • Trolling – Effective both inshore & offshore.
  • Dredging – Dragging the lure near the bottom, typically from a drifting boat.
  • Sight Casting – Offshore for Cobia and Pelagics, and inshore for Tarpon, Stripers and Snook.
  • Straight Cranking – “Counting down” to a desired depth then retrieving at a moderate pace to target suspended fish.
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