SpoolTek strives to move the peg forward along the timeline of innovative fishing lures. We seek to take raw innovative ideas, put them to the grindstone that is optimization until we’ve honed hyper-effective, disruptive baits. We subscribe to the highest level of customer service and are adamant that the dialogue between customer and company is as strong as possible.

Dave Justice

David_Justice_snookDave Justice became a serious angler at around age 10, growing up a quarter mile from one of the most productive snook hangouts in the Miami, Florida area in the early 1970’s. He fished strictly with lures in those early years, and found ways to tease snook into hitting by varying his retrieve patterns and fall rates, altering the lures themselves, and experimenting with line colors and reduced leader sizes. By age 17 he was known for his prowess in catching snook with artificials, and won quite a number of Miami “Met” Tournament snook categories, including the coveted “Snook Master” Trophy, several times.

Fishing Passion

In his late teenage years to his early 30’s, Dave specifically targeted much larger snook, weighing 25 to 30 lbs and more, with both lures and live bait; widely expanding his range area, focusing on the Fort Pierce to Upper Keys region on the Atlantic coast, and from Bradenton southward to Marco Island on the Gulf side.

In The Fishing Industry

In more recent years, Justice has worked in the tackle industry as sales manager, field services manager,  R & D manager, and product manager for several fishing line manufacturers.  He also started a jig company that specialized in ‘designer’ bucktails, which he sold through his tackle business in East Tennessee. In those years, during the mid 1990’s, Justice also guided for striped bass in the river systems and reservoirs, targeting trophy sized stripers with bucktails.

Lure Experience

Having fished with “pre-rigged” swimbaits over the years with lots of strikes but few landed fish, Justice and his partner, Chris Walsh, set out to change the course of swimbait history for snook and tarpon fishing, and many other types of fishing as well. Prior to the inception of Spooltek’s technology, an average night of fishing a swimbait on braided line might involve hooking ten to twelve snook or tarpon, and maybe landing only one or two, due to the fish using the heavy weight of the lures to throw them.

Lure Innovation

Justice began doing surgery on swimbaits, and concocted the idea of internalizing the leader to prevent “throw offs”. After seeing this, Chris realized the potential of hiding the heavy leader and having only the light mainline or leader in front of the lure, allowing more lure freedom and generating more strikes. So, the rest is history and they patented their concepts, and now feel that they have the best saltwater and heavy freshwater swimbaits in the business.

There is much more to come from Justice Tackle and Spooltek, concealed leader technology – including plugs of all types, jig heads, trolling lures and many more lures and bait inserts with hidden leaders.

Chris Walsh

tn SpoolTek’s Co-Founder, Co-Inventor and CEO, Chris Walsh is first and foremost a believer in new ideas. With over forty patents worldwide in medical device, Chris’ experience with intellectual property has been instrumental in the creation and protection of the SpoolTek product.

In addition to his patent background, Chris built a large medical device distributorship from the ground up and is well adept at running large businesses. A big believer in corporate culture, Chris has instilled SpoolTek with the same accountability standards he drove in his medical device company.

An avid fisherman, Chris is a professed “gear junky” and that desire to fish with the highest caliber tackle has served SpoolTek well.

Chris is married with two children and resides in Jupiter, FL.

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